Eagles Again Get Return & Defensive TD’s, Hammer Panthers


Every football fan outside of Philadelphia continues to doubt the Eagles and still don’t consider them legitimate contenders to win a Super Bowl.

Hell, some don’t even think they will get past the Dallas Cowboys in the division.

Well, let them talk. Once again, the Eagles found a way to win, this time beating the Carolina Panthers 45-21.

The Eagles have been finding ways to win and that is what good teams do. Whether you are playing Nick Foles or Mark Sanchez, you still have to play defense and you still have to play special teams, which are the two big reasons why the Eagles are still winning. When the best running back in the NFL only gets 15 yards on 12 carries, and your team still wins by 24 points, other things are working extremely well. This is definitely happening to the Eagles.

How about nine sacks, two fumble recoveries and three interceptions by the defense. The Eagles didn’t turn the ball over in his game, so they are a +5 in this game in the turnover department, a statistic the Eagles are getting very good at, as they continue to win.

Darren Sproles ran back other punt for a touchdown, this one covering 65 yards. It was his second punt return touchdown of the season.

This was an old-fashioned ass-whipping and there is no need to go over every point in this game.

The first-place Eagles, now 7-2, will get a big test this Sunday, having to travel to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to face the 6-3 Packers.

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